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Current Events for our 2011 Year

-22nd  Anniversary Party

- Open Mic Project

- After Hours Student Jam Sessions

- Student Showcase

- Annual Recital

- Outdoor Music Festival with Jimmie Mack & Open Mic

- Christmas Music Party


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RICHMOND MUSIC CENTER provides a quality music experience for children and adults

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Jimmie Mack's 60th birthday party

NAMM 2010 Anaheim, CA

Cort - Gene Simmons Bass - KISS

SONOR - Tim Henry and Joe plan for MAR/AMTA Conference.  The best "music Therapy" Instruments

HOHNER -  Great sounding guitars that are "affordable" and sound like  more expensive guitars.

Stevie Ray Merola meets with Joe Piccinnini at the "Samson Booth".


Board Piano- The board Piano is adapted from an ancient folk instrument originally in Africa centuries ago.  Each instrument has been precisely tuned to the key of "C", and comes with a clearly written illustrated instruction booklet.  Our 8 not Board Pianos are available in your choice of solid hardwoods featuring cherry, walnut, padouk, mahogany, and maple.  Our larger decorative 12 note model is handcrafted from a combination of colorful hardwoods giving each instrument its distinctive appearance.  Board Pianos are a comfortable, durable, go-anywhere musical instrument for young and old alike.
Gourd Pianos- Gently pluck the keys of this ancient African folk instrument and enjoy the sweet tone that only a Gourd Piano can make.  Each Gourd body is carefully selected and matched with our soundboards made from your choice of padouk or lacewood.  Padouk is a deep red African hardwood with a full, rich tone.  Lacewood is a gold and brown wood which seems to shimmer in the light.  All models have an attached strap strung with colorful beads used for wearing or displaying the Gourd Piano.  Each Key is precisely cut and nickel plated for years of comfortable carefree playing.  All are accurately tuned to the key of "C".

    Gourd moon & stars or sun $85.00     Board  Kalimba   $45.00

Come try out some cool new guitars
for GIRLS at Richmond Music Center!

newsletter 3/10 09
Program Development

Instruments can be key to a successful musical experience.  They are transmitters of sound and music.  Relationships and connections are developed between self and instruments, facilitating interpersonal interactions, communication, self expression, creativity, spontaniety, and help with specific music therapy goals; emotional, psychological, social, physical, spirtual, etc.

As a specialist in music therapy program development, I am uniquely qualified to assist with concepts you are working on. 
Please give me a call or email, I invite you to my service offerings.

Just added to the site is the new Sonor Catalogue.  Please note the new glocken spiel utilizing magnets.
These are high quality instruments that sound great and can hopefully assist in meeting your needs,
and in turn, helping clients achieve more peace in their lives. 

Please contact me if you would like any additional information
or have concepts for program development that I can assist with.

Joseph Piccininni, MA, CMT, LCAT
Richmond Music Center
25 Page Avenue, Staten Island, NY, 10309

Just added to the site is information on the 2009 RBI Catalogue.  They offer affordable, cost effective music therapy instruments.  The handbells are a wonderful option to offer clients.

Please contact me if you have any questions.  
(Navigate the catalogue with the "Next" and "Previous" buttons in the top-left corner.)

Thank You.
Joseph Piccinnini, MA, CMT, LCAT

rhythm band instruments catalog


november 24th, 2008 newsletter:
Richmond Music Center Presents:
19th Annual Student Recital Hilton Ballroom October 19, 2008

We would like to thank everyone who was a part of the 19th Annual Recital at Richmond Music Center. 

Raquel Bartocci ...Tonianne Bartocci ...James Lyons ...Janiece DaSilva ...Koral Caruso ...Alexis Spall ...Robert Tipaldi ...Olivia Frasca ...Nicholas Frasca ...Steve Reiss ...Jamie Abbruzzese ...Malia Varela ...Andrew Introna ...Bernadette Introna ...Mario Introna ...Nicholas Ursini ...Kenneth Soto ...Miranda Soto ...Deanna Pisacreta ...Anthony Hurtado ...Collyn Alonso ..Tyler Palmese ...Mary Mikhail ...Meagan Clements ...Ray Ramirez ...Brian Ramirez ...Jerry Ramirez ...Ava LaMonica ...AnnaMaria Martino ...Megan Murphy ...Sean Murphy ...Daniella Luciano ...Gabrielle Schroeder ...Victoria Rebkovets ...Marco Cuffaro ...Mike DiDomenico ...Christopher DiDomenico ...and Jonathan Cutrona.

We are quite pleased with the progress of our performing students as they achieve their fullest musical and personal potential. In trying times such as these we are thankful that you keep a focus on musical education which is such an important benefit to our lives. 

june 24th, 2008 newsletter:
Students from Richmond Music Center
Arianna & Gabriella Frontera in the groove

Daniel Palladino & Joe Curran Jammin' Out

Janiece DaSilva

Gabriella Frontera on the Drums
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Hilton Music Event:

Please be our guest... Hilton Music Event Announcing our 19th Annual Student Recital at the "Hilton Ballroom".
Some special suprises are planned. Sunday oct 19...
special awards will be given to performers...
special guests...
time warner tv filming...
Please call us if you wish to participate or volunteer. Below are some photos of our last show.  Sincerely,
Joseph Piccinnini
STudent recital Band
april 12th, 2008 newsletter: NAMM NEWS
Richmond Music Center Staff attended NAMM 2008 in California. Famous Rock guitar slinger SLASH (promoting "guitar hero") was there as well! Richmond Music Center will be presenting a unique "GUITAR HERO event" in the coming months....stay tuned! 
"Wanna Play"
Richmond Music Center registered to participate in the NAMM "Wanna Play" music program. We opted in and will be sponsroing events at Richmond Music Center using the "Guitar hero" game to help gamers transfer from playing the "Guitar hero" game to really playing guitar. Call for details: 718-967-4686
JP evaluates Drum Kits at NAMM
This Kit below was incredible & engaged my passion for drumming. Check out the cool orange sparkle finish!

april 12th, 2008 newsletter: PHOTOS FROM THE MAR/AMTA MUSIC CONFERENCE

Joseph Piccinnini, MA, CMT, LCAT at the Richmond Music Center Booth.

"The Cherry Hill Cherry Pickers" Playing music at the conference:

  • Ken Aigen
  • Alan Turry
  • Paul Nolan
  • Joe Piccinnini
  • David Ramsey
  • plus Mike Viega, VJ & Friends

Group gathers to participate in music making & dancing

Breathing Music presentation
The Louis Armstrong Center for Music & Medicine at Beth Isreal medical center hosted a "Symposium on Music, the Breath and Health: Advances in Integrative Music Therapy." Joseph Piccinnini, MA, CMT, LCAT, Dr. Clive Robbins, and Kaoru Robbins presented "Breathing Music" in two parts:

Part one focused on a vocal approach to working with the breathing of comatose patients. A music therapist works with a comatose patient in the ICU of a hospital in the Ruhr District of Germany. Her client is weak; his deteriorating condition rated at level 3 of the Glasgow Coma Scale. She chooses the quiet calm approach, singing acappella to him and basing her singing on the melody of a German hymn. She continuously observes the rhythm of his breathing and fits her singing to it. She notices thet within three sessions he is turning his head toward her, and the subtle changes in the timing of his inhalations & exhalations indicate the influence of the melodic phrase structure of her singing. Progressively, his responses increase; he opens his eyes, smiles, and moves his arms. Her work brings reassurance and comfort to his family. After 11 sessions he emerges from the coma. In subsequent counseling with the hospital psychologist he reveals the quasi-psychotic nature of his hallucinations while comatose and describes the life-transforming motivational efects the therapist's singing had upon him.

Part two covered the origination of Reed Horns as simple blowing instruments (especially manufactured for use in the Toy Symphony, traditionally attributed to Joseph Haydn) and how they were used and adapted in practical work with variously disabled and disadvantaged children by Nordoff & Robbins. Their many beneficial effects:
-The directness with which clear strong tones are produced with the breath stimulates children and increases their motivation to vocalize.
-Playing reed horns promotes vocal self-confidence
-Playing horns requires no eye-hand coordination - a useful attribute in music therapy with learning and/or physically disabled clients.
-The capacity of the horn to provide opportunitites for sustaining tones at will, and to play in different dynamics, brings opportunitites to work on developing breath control.
-The timbre of the horns' tone provides a pleasing contrast to the other instrumentents, so enhancing the individual & cumulative effects of group instrumental activitites

The presentation included showing the effectiveness of reed horns with hearing impaired children, particularly in stimulating the awakening and application of residual hearing. The use of horns with various adult clients was also illustrated.

Please contact me for further information.

Joseph Piccinnini, MA,CMT, LCAT 




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