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Back to Basics Music Therapy Instrumentarium
When I consider basic music therapy instruments, certain questions present themselves to me.
What are the basic music therapy instruments?
What is my own personal belief about music therapy instruments?

Is it important to offer a selection of instruments to clients?

I believe these questions can be answered in a variety of ways, depending on the music therapists own personal style.
To me the basic materials of music therapy include: percussion, voice, string instruments, keyboards, environmental and body sounds, movement and possibly wind instruments and brass.

I prefer a good selection of quality instruments that sound great and that are pleasing to the eye, durable, low maintenance and sturdy. The element of presenting choices to our clients is important. I believe it is the person's feelings, hands and movements that breath life into the sound of the instrument.

Goal The goal is to provide successfull musical experience, helping clients move toward musical expression and achieving their fullest potential.

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Successful Structure

Part of properly structuring sessions is to provide excellent quality instruments that sound great, are inviting to play and facilitate musical process. Most instruments used by clients in therapy, do not require formal training. They are designed so that, even non-musicians sound good. No traditional music training is necessary to be musical in therapy.

This information is presented as an invitation to you. Please give me a call, or come in and visit to let me know how I can help supply you with the instruments and materials that are essential in running a successful music therapy program.






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Joseph Piccinnini Dr. Clive Robbins & Joseph Piccinnini
small hand held tambourine
"Ever since the clinic's program started, Joe Piccinnini has provided us with his knowlege of musical instruments and his advice. I cannot say how very helpful Joe has been, apart from the immediate service, just a phone call away, we have received the benefit of prices that have eased the strain on our often limited budgets. Thank you Joe!" Clive Robbins, Nordoff and Robbins Music Therapy Clinic
Taking notes Drum developed for client who had
trouble with circle shapes
Custom muffling. Original design by
Clive Robbins
Custom triangle
and holder
Custom triangle
and holder
Jimmy Mack working Adapted for Student


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