Board Piano- The board Piano is adapted from an ancient folk instrument originally in Africa centuries ago.  Each instrument has been precisely tuned to the key of "C", and comes with a clearly written illustrated instruction booklet.  Our 8 not Board Pianos are available in your choice of solid hardwoods featuring cherry, walnut, padouk, mahogany, and maple.  Our larger decorative 12 note model is handcrafted from a combination of colorful hardwoods giving each instrument its distinctive appearance.  Board Pianos are a comfortable, durable, go-anywhere musical instrument for young and old alike.
Gourd Pianos- Gently pluck the keys of this ancient African folk instrument and enjoy the sweet tone that only a Gourd Piano can make.  Each Gourd body is carefully selected and matched with our soundboards made from your choice of padouk or lacewood.  Padouk is a deep red African hardwood with a full, rich tone.  Lacewood is a gold and brown wood which seems to shimmer in the light.  All models have an attached strap strung with colorful beads used for wearing or displaying the Gourd Piano.  Each Key is precisely cut and nickel plated for years of comfortable carefree playing.  All are accurately tuned to the key of "C".

    Gourd moon & stars or sun $85.00     Board  Kalimba   $45.00